Opus numbahz

I wonder why Liszt stopped giving his works opus numbers.
Also, someone like Depussy and later 20th century cumpozahz never even used opus numbahz…so you need a list of catalogues.

The amount of revisions Liszt made, you’d expect to find op. 98q or something :wink:

True! I think only some of his early works have opus numbahz?

Couldn’t be sure, but that’s my general impression.

Until I played it, I never knew that da Bach op.1 is da Bb Partita.

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I think Liszt’s opus catalogue started over at least twice (even something as late as Robert le Diable does have an opus number for instance, IIRC), and meanwhile several of his compositions were published without any at all.

Moreover I’d guess Liszt was the direct opposite of da X. Even if he’d been given a fair chance I can’t see him bothering about keeping a tidy opus catalogue!


ahahah da opuz numbah iz not a gud zheeyat fo mofoz wiz incuntziztent output lyk da PIMP

da PIMP grand plan wuz to clean up n re-examine all hiz compoz, take only da bezt onez, den republizh wiz nu opuz numberz

harzhly died b4 he cud cumplete diz epic undahtakin of hizdorikal revizionizheeyat :sunglasses:


I think Debussy equated opus numbers with the German composers and his avoidance of them was related to his aim of re-establishing the French school (Couperin and Rameau didn’t have opus numbers).

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