o'reilly radiohead trans sheets

anyone have these?

ive thought about ordering a few of these. unfortunately, they’re only available directly from o’riley and are pretty damn expensive. also, a friend of mine who has them told me they’re near impossible to scan. quite a shame, really.

I came across some scans a couple of years ago, maybe they’re lost somewhere on old harddrives or pc’s, I’ll look around.

cool, thank you.

i remember seeing the book going for $100 retail :open_mouth:

overpriced, tru

Not my upload…



damn, that pretty much has most, if not all, of them. some of them look pretty damn impossible, and when i saw o’riley play them, even he fucked up in most of them.

Hahaha DAYUM da 2+2=5


sum1 give thiz to da :doc:


datz juzt tryin’ too hard :slight_smile:

dayum iz that a doubl dottd 128th rezt?

rezpec :chop:

“Fill With Rests at End of Measure” check