Paderewski--APR sets

Can anyone advise on these vis sound quality/content? Are they worth getting?

Thanks in advance for any input.


I posted the earliest recs set from APR, I think I probably have the other one too…

The quality is good, the playing is not so hot compared to the other virtuosi of the acoustic era (Hofmann, Rachmaninoff, Lhevinne, Backhaus, Hambourg - all made recs before 1920 tru)

It’s alright as a curiosity but not otherwise worthwhile imo.

Thanks for your thoughtful appraisals/input.

Always thought JP was somewhat overrated; didn’t have as solid technique as Godowsky (who did?), Hoff, or the Rach–at least based on his recs in which he seemed past his prime.

Best, R

He damaged his hand from overpracricing before 1900 so we definitely don’t have his best playing on disc.
He programmed Liszt Sonata and Don Juan - he probably could play pretty GUD. 8) possibly.

Then again, Leslie Howard recorded the complete Liszt works and he’s definitely no Busoni 8)