Paris in the late 1890s

:open_mouth: Liszt and Alkan died only a couple of years before these images were shot, so I suppose this is very much the Paris as they knew it (well they just missed the Eiffel Tower).


Pretty cool! Although the sound must’ve been added?
It’s amazing how dressed up people were back then.

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Respect da Erwin’s virtual detective sheeyat

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That fire department which flies by on horseback at 3:25 is cool

But Paris NOW is still beautiful - if you know how to film it!
Man if I see this I want to go back immediately.

Randomly, the video is blocked in France. I actually haven’t seen that movie, even though I’ve got it on my computer.

Truuu, certainly prettier den NYC.

But prettier than St. Petersburg? Want to visit that city one day…

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Same. I used to wanna live there about 5 years ago, but my Russian was too poor so I moved to Paris instead. I’ve since lost interest in Russia, though I’d still like to see the Mariinsky ballet on their home stage.

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I dun remember much from St Petersburg…

Oh! This must have been posted in one of the forums I no longer follow before being moved to dizcuzz, I’ve completely missed this.

Can’t watch now, but I love these things. There’s a great one from San Francisco a few years later as well, where a camera travels through the city on a tram a few days before the great earthquake (and another one shot a few days after).