Pazzagez that dont zound wikid but randomly inzanely difficult

Randomly, haz anybody here ever played Kreizleriana?

Two sectionz I find inzanely difficult to play properly but dun look or zound hard at all

Iz da oppozite of “three-handz” technique becauze when Pimp doez it it zounds like three handz but only requirez two handz, when Shoe doez it it sounds like two handz but actually requirez three handz



I’d say, da Chopin Op 10/2 is da best example of a fuckah dat dun sound THAT wikid (like a slowish Bumblebeeach unless you’re da :trugod: ) but is a risky COCK to unleash live.

Da Brahms piano writing in his chamber music sound ghey as FUCK yet is very hard and totally unrewarding to rape while staring up at da fuckin score, while the douche string players rush yo azz



I worked on it… found it way too repetitive to enjoy…

Far prefer da Carnaval

Chopet 10/2 for zure…and once I played da Bra 2nd Violin zon piano part and it iz fucking rough

Paganini in da Carnaval sheeyat alzo a handfuck without zounding that wikid

Actually almozt nothing in Shoe zoundz wikid, which iz why mozt people get turned off by him

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I love da Shoe Carnaval.

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dis da fuckin TRUTH - da TRUMOFO knows


String players at first rehearsal “no no, it’s SO MUCH easier to play when it’s faster!”


Yknow for a long time I thought Kreizleriana waz Shoe’s mozt boring piece but I have grown to enjoy it…

I alzo think Carnaval one of da top five Shoe workz

:pimp: thought Carnaval waz better than da Diabelli variationz

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It certainly is not boring. I’m irked by some of the (excessive) repeats…

My current favorite Zhoe zong iz da Fantasiestücke.


I can’t get into the Humoreske tho thats a lot of savvy mofos fav

Which one? There iz Op.12, Op.73, Op.88, and Op.111

Only a lot of repeated material in the 2nd piece in da zet

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Des Abends one of those pieces that stop time in da hall when perf’d


my bad, Op. 12

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I played both Op.12 and da Op.73, both incredible. Op.12 is underrated because it’s not a singular narrative.

Randomly Traumez Wirren in Op.12 really fuckz up your 4th and 5th fingerz

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Tru, not da biggest bang for da buck, in terms of effort

For me it’s the first couple of pages of Chopin 4th ballad. I’ve never known what to do there.

Ah yes… SO many repeats.

For that reason, I consider it to be the “weakest” ballade.

Play it in octaves.

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