PBS broadcasting LL concert live 9/22! Don't miss it!

For those in the states 8) :

wgbh.org/schedules/daytv?mon … &year=2005

Live from Licoln Center, 9/22. Not sure if it’ll be broadcasted at the same time in different states, so check ur local listing. Should be around midnight (9/23 early morning)

Tru, This is where you can listen to the stream

(5pm PT, 1am 23/9 GMT, etc.)

BTW: WQXR uses AOL Radio, so you may have to sort things out in advance.

It’s only the Chopin Concerto #1

it would take an uncommonloy athletic imagination to conceive of a line of of potential dominatrix clients including Rzewski, Rakhmaninov, Roslavetz and Reger, Sorabji and Skryabin, Bernstein and Busoni, Grainger and Godowsky, Marx, Medtner and Martinů or Hétu and Hamelin himself…

I agree, that is, if we’re using euphonisms. 8)

Fuk u



say it right bitch

i’ll peep dis sheeyat anyway

it’s gonna show on PBS?


It’s probably going to come out on DVD. therefore, I won’t watch it.