Peak era of da SDC?

  • 2004-2009
  • 2010-2015
  • 2016-2021

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Things got interesting for a while after Michael uploaded the Horowitz Yale recitals.

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I single-handed my rescued this site.

n wut wuz u doin wiz da otha hand? :sunglasses:

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practicing octs!

probably 2010-2015… to be honest.

right fuckin now. :sunglasses:

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I say put that at the top of your resumé.

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Niiiiice! Include a furious rant along with the obligatory performance and teaching vid links


First-rate rapist :sunglasses:

But yeah, peak era was and is and will be TRUMOFO era 2005-present

I’m da alpha and da omega. I’m da one and only TRUMOFO.

Who else had a first post one here titled “post all your recs here”, which was swiftly revised to “fuck all you bitches”?

I’ll wait…. :sunglasses:


And my second-ever post was impressive too

:point_up_2: the textbook definition of “peak era”

Unless Da :tractor: :woman: joins DASDC, we are never topping that.

It’s like those miracles that you see in the Bible… we’re not getting anything on that level again.

The posts above are the SDC equivalent of Da 10 commandments

Nah, that’s New Testament level stuff.