Penizdick obzezzionz

We surely all haff pzzgz we are cumpletely obsessed with…

share yo zpecialitiez

Fo moi and in chronological ordah tiz diz pzzg fo sho

Dis post a tru arpz :orgy: :orgy::sunglasses:

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More recently it’s been that Moszkowski Op 72 No 11. I never really studied arps or passage work. Its more difficult than chop thirds etude por moi dilettante skills.

You seem to have a facility for double notes though, judging from the DJ.

Yeah I can’t make sense if it. I think the shapes and downward pressure are easier to “feel” in my hand. In arps and passage work I get tense and then things get bumpy or smeared or weight through arm somehow dun transfer as predictably.

I should probably try some czerny or something

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Truuu, Da FF was lit as fuck. Not that many people in the conservatories that can do that.

There are so many talented mofos dat juz dun haff the resources to try and pursue this full-time.

Needs a rich daddy in the very least, and the desire to fuck up every aspect of your life by doing something that is generally deemed irrelevant.

In all honesty, I’m sort of obsessed listening to stuff that I won’t be able to do naturally, probably ever:

Oh man…

I don’t know if it would even be worth the pain learning one of these.

It’s not just da stunning texture but the completely NATURAL way of playing this…

I only listen to Tatum these days, frankly…

There are also moments like this in Cortot’s and Friedman’s recorded legacies that are timeless and magical

Basically, when da 88 dun sound like da 88 anymore and evokes sounds from another fuckin dimension

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That’s why transcriptions are so valuable… you know exactly what you want to express and then set down the notes… not the other way around.

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