Perahia replaced 8)

Perahia’s thumb is still too fucked up to play, so he is being replaced by anton kuerti 8)

Beethoven Sonate nr. 26 in Es gr.t., op. 81a “Les Adieux”
Sonate nr. 23 in f kl.t., op. 57 “Appassionata”
33 Variaties op een thema van Anton Diabelli in C gr.t., op. 120

Might actually go and bootleg it, 8th of june, I heard he’s great.

haha hfuckkk

da papaya booted, randomly u is a bit lucky

da kuerti’z beethoven iz pozz one ov da bezt

tru if it wasn’t right in the middle of my exams i could go all the way over there by train pozz 8)

boot that shit

Kuerti rules man. See it.



haha a good trade I say

Sadly I couldn’t go because I just couldn’t get there :\

The bus drivers here have stopped working because they don’t get paid enough, I hope I can get to Zimerman this sunday.

vil he play partata2/niggah111?

(worzt concert I evah zeen in mah lyf. zeriuzly)

i saw him with this programme and i thought it was the best concert i’ve ever seen in my life… lol… each to their own…

tru :rectum:

Man, too bad you missed the Kuerti. IMO he plays Beethoven better than any other living pianist.

kueri wuz born 2 play da keyboard :whale: