Performancez dat 'Unlocked' Workz for you 🔑 🔒

Common zcenario-

U hear a piece ov muzik iz ‘zuppozed to be great’. And u hear it a few tymz n go …daim I juz don’t get it

Den - ZPARK :sparkler: ignitez and u hear a rec/perf dat makez u go AHHH daim datz wut da fuzz iz all about

Examplez fo moi -

Genie - Bach-Buz Chac
Arrau - Beethoven op111 2nd mvt
MoiztBitch - Zhoe Fant
:ho: - Zart conc in A major
Perahaahah - Bach zuitez
Zchiff - Random Haydn workz
Zchnabel - Zum Zchubert zonataz
ZIFF - Zhoe TOCC (I realized da only way I can enjoy diz work iz wiz hiz rhythm)

Da point iznt necezzarily to lizt yo fav recz ov deze workz but da zpecific recz dat gave u dat ‘ahah!’ moment about a piece

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Daim, on a one-mofo cruzade to zingle zheeyatedly end da whole ‘Canadianz are friendly’ ztereotype :gav:


Haha, I wonder if the converse ever happens… a piece that you’ve always thought was good and then in the hands of a tru maztah you realise it’s in fact sheeyat.



Oragemofo - ORAGE

I actually harzhly neva realized itz gensui until dat perf :pimp:



haha the lost art of the direct answer. respek this.


Haha da Canadian juz pizzd n dizappointed dat diz wuznt a poll :sunglasses:


bach goldberg variations - feltsman
stravinsky petrushka - cherkassky
chopin ballade no 4 - ashkenazy (late recording)
beethoven sonata 32 - pletnev at carnegie hall
schubert sonata d960 - horowitz live 25th anniversary recital
prokofiev sonata no 8 - lazar berman
rachmaninov sonata no 1 - berezovsky
liszt trascendental etudes - arrau

really - i had not enjoyed these works before these performances


Horowitz - Scrib Sonata 3 and many other Scrib noizes
Richter - Prok Sonatas 6, 7, 8 and first Concerto
Harold Bauer - Schoe opus 12
Albert Ferber - Fauré several zongz
A. Schnabel - various :nigga: Snorters, Schubert MM
Gieseking - various Debussy zongz
ABM - Ravel Gaspard
Arrau - Liszt Les Jeux d’eau (1928 rec.), Benediction

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If I’ve had any lightbulb moments in my muzical life, they weren’t really of this specific kind. However it’s only fair to say that hearing Earl Wild play da Thal Don Pasquale and Kentner’s Liapetz completely changed my attitude to the 88 ‘literature’. I think I’ve barely listened to any mainstream rep this year, and I’m quite happy to keep it that way.

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I’d say - da Hofmann 1937 :chop: Andante n Spinach plus da Friedman rec of da :chop: ball 3 really made dese works into tru masterpieces.

Oh, n Fei Fei on da CHOP rondo. Shhh dun tell da :hui:

Dat thumbnail most capcunt worthy.

Aftah initial ANALYZIZ I think da invizible moforapizt haff ztruck again.

zhoe zon 1 - zokolov
feinberg 1 - hamelin
eckardt - echoez white veil - conrad tao :dong: (haha but zrzly)

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Feinberg 1 - Feinberg himself.

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it’s funny, i love feinberg and obviously those two pianists are incomparable, but hamelin’s take on it is what made me think i wanna learn and play it myself

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just to pozt diz in caze any of u interezted

if u compare wiz diz

or diz

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