Perzonal 88 Goalz

Wut are your goalz?

Zhort term, n long term.

Wut rep are you hopin to maztah?

Wut iz da zingle mozt ambitiouz piece u hope to maztah in yo lyf?

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My goals are to get an 88 and play again.


Da TM goal is still maztahry ovah:

Izlamic bombah
Brahms pagz 1 n 2
All da TEZ
chop op 10
Shoe tocc
Pozz learn prok 2 or rach 3
n sum insane godo zheeyat


Definitely achieved one of my longterm goals with the first CD I made. There are things I’d change on it now, but I worked really hard in prep for it, lived and breathed the rep for months if not years, pushed myself up a level or two by doing so, and the most gratifying thing about it is that the only way it could be significantly better would be if I was a separate new, different, better pianist.

I’d really like to get the solo piano concerto I wrote orchestrated properly, and get it performed.

I don’t have any clearly defined rep goals atm, see first point. Any goals are probably more in the composition area just now.


U mofoz may laugh at diz but

ma goal DIZ YEAR iz to learn a zheeyat dat vil IMPREZZ da Dinara when I meet her :sunglasses:

Wut wud u mofoz zuggezt?


Rezpec Bru! I know all to well how fruztratin it iz bein unable to prax

I haf ztruggled fo yrz wiz injuriez n fucked up inflammation due to not pacing myzelf properly

Wagnah-Pimp Isolde deathfuck :smiley:

How pozzible iz it fo u to cummah to NuCaztle n do a concert wiz da COMME wiz diz idea -

Re-enact da PIMP - THAL duel :sunglasses:

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Hahaha but dat tranny is MY rep speciality :stuck_out_tongue:

Well da MOZEZ ARPZ ORGY too, pozz.

I think da railway station pubic (sic) 88 iz gone in nucaztle, wuz da duel reenactment going to be dere? :sunglasses:

Hahahah tru I vil pozz haf to rewrite hiztory n make da duel between da THAL n da George Zand :whale:

Just learn da PIMP NOB FANT…
by watching da CAMELDICK maztahclazz :sunglasses:


Hahah I iz zhor da PIMP didn actually play dat fant az written

pretty zhor da PIMP actual concert parazheeyatz were mo lyk da ZIFF improvz, but dat iz juz too inzane to write on papah

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Which iz da hardezt achievement ov all doze?

To be honest, I didn’t even try to play the piano the whole time I’ve been in Europe, but now that I know that I can play with both hands, it’s made me miss it a lot. I also have a lot of time now to practise, but I will try to limit myself to 2-3 hours a day in case the dystonia symptoms come back.

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Got any rep in mind?

First, I’ll try to get my fingers back into shape with some old rep; things like 10/4, chopin f minor concerto, Waldo, Ho stars and sheeyats. Then, I want to do some trannies; pozz da Rigoletto or La Danza. If I can get the tech back to around pro level I’d like to try Figaro.

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Daim do u haf any recz when u had pro level tech?

Pro level tech iz a zheeyat I hope to achieve by age

88 :sunglasses:


There’s probably some stuff in the archives of my school. I never got any copies of exam or recital recordings because they made you pay for them, and I was never happy with how I played so I never got any. I don’t want to overstate my ability though; I’m not expecting to play the Figaro like Gilels or anything. Pro level for me just means to play at a level where you can make a career in music, not necessarily as a full time performer. Someone who has a bits and pieces career is still pro level in my books.

learn diz:



Randomly, I missed a sheeyat; da COMME is meeting da Dirana ??