:lola: perzonal vid shoots cummah



:lola: showing da way forward for da poon and da :tractor: :princess: pozz

Personalized Message + Performance Video $375

This is a unique gift for your friends, family, or any piano lover in your life: get a personalized video message from Lola featuring a short performance snippet recorded just for your occasion!

Please, include the name of the intended recipient and the nature of the occasion in the notes.


"* Most requests will be fulfilled within 48 hours;

  • You will receive a video download link via email;
  • Most videos will be 15-45 seconds in length;
  • All videos are intended for personal use only"

Yeah, my inner cynic imagines many of them will be…

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I got 10 bucks toward it!


Can you request the music used?

Well worth it for the coda of Le Preux or the hands crossing bit in da 24th Mereaux et.



also cheaper than lib wtf?

Really? :lib: does requests?

Sightrape paradise haha.

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Dun he charge like 1000 bucks a minute for any Rep recording? This artistic ideal mildly questionable tho shrewd.

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Sdc can send him sum ziffroz for a ZIFFBEE.

based on the shape of his last recital cost: 10,000 cziffros for dat :sunglasses:

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Da big question here
Haff da LEBRESHEEYAT already placed his personal order? :lola:

def arranging this for the leeb

this woman looks like david bowie


How much does she charge per night?? Damnnn

Hmm say $750 a minute ie $45k per hour so maybe $400k. Seems about right.

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:trump: 1 billion debt explained


Personalized cumshots

ahahahah tru diz idea alzo work fo da mo zecretive artizt az well da :lola: type

fo eg, da zepp been chargin fo accezz to key unlizted zepp vidz zince 2 yrz ago

buyah identity alwayz cuntfidential

wikid bizniz model, wikid privacy :sunglasses:


we alzo zell un-:pimp:ed zepp vid :sunglasses:


Hahahah tru da connoisseurz buy zepp vidz from da SDC ztore

I truzt da MART to keep pricez hi to zupport hiz inzane lyfztylee n zki vacationz :sunglasses:


Haff da DIARRHOEA made a preemptive purchase of da bezt fuck up zeriez?