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Tru, and pozz let’s do some gambling again too, maybe an SDC roulette 8)

Im always up for gambling! lol.

On a side note, I will soon release the rest of the Richter commercial uploads. I would like to thank Chris for the original uploads, and for giving me the go ahead to post them too.

And, on a side note, after a lot of fighting with somebod on ebay, I now have Ashkenazys rare Mehta Rach 3, but only the first mov. Would anybody be interested, and would anybody be able to contribute the rest of it?

I also have a load of tapes which are recorded from may years of radio by a pianist who recently died. I am shite at this converting to digital format. Can anybody recommend an idiots way to do it? I have Audacity, and converted one, but I want to do the best I can. There is a lot of Kentner, a bit of Stevenson (who I greatly admire), a lot of the pianist who died, and various other stuff… (A lot of the handwriting is hard to read)

Any early Hamelin? Or other 1990s radio broadcasts?

Good quality tape conversions lie more in hardware than in software. Pay attention to whether they are recorded with Dolby or not (and which Dolby), and which type of cassette is used if your player has options to distinguish between them (I, II etc or Fe2O3, CrO2 etc). If you have an advanced deck you might also have an azimuth screw somewhere - if the transfers sound muffled and lifeless, fiddle around a little with that. The results also very much depend on how clean the line in is on your sound card (which in most cases is not very clean). In case you have a dedicated recorder I think I would connect the tape deck to that instead, and then transfer the resulting files to computer via USB.

I’d echo XSDC’s advice and offer a couple more thoughts. If you’ve done a lot of tape transfers and lived through the taping era for many years, probably already know the following:

…Tape recorder–especially if there’s a large volume of tapes, cleaning the heads regularly–maybe as often as every side or two depending upon tape condition; muddiness can sometimes be buildup on the playback head. I find this perhaps less an issue on cassettes than reels.

…DBX—somewhat like Dolby but a different system of noise reduction. These can sound verrrrry muddied without the proper decoders. Dolby (much more common system) might not be sufficient.

…Tapes—again, mean no disrespect if this is already part of your transfer practices, especially for tapes that have sat for many years, may be useful to FF and rewind them before starting transfer.

Good luck on new discoveries.

…and when all done, save to FLAC.

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