Philharmonie de Paris live

I learnt about this a few days ago flipping through the 2018-19 season brochure. Basically the Philharmonie de Paris has started a live broadcast site much like However, the exciting part is that they are making available performances from a long time ago, long before the Philharmonie was even inaugurated. I haven’t had the time to explore this properly, but here is Pires in the Chopin E minor concerto from 1997 for example. … urope.html

I noticed they also have performances from Salle Pleyel, which no longer holds classical concerts. For example here’s Buniatishvili from 2014 (she looks pretty banging in this): … rgski.html

These might be available elsewhere but it’s still pretty cool.

Excellent. Accessible and in good quality even from abroad. I can’t find a Seârchèaux function though. Did you browse your way to these, or is there a button somewhere here after all?

Hell, I’m going to grab Buniatishvili. She never allowed me to when I saw her here.

I clicked through and found these.
Seems like they’ve got a lot of stuff.
It might not even be a new service, but I’d never heard of it until a couple of days ago.

Looked around the site a little over the last couple days—and they do indicate a good amount of material, some dating back at least 6-8 years.

On a “deep dive”, I looked picked Argerich to start—found 5 concerts. However, there are/were a couple problems:

…Concert video is broken down into separate pieces, movements, etc.–no continuous stream that i could find. For individual pieces, no problem but for movements would need to merge vid files. It may be that clicking on the first piece in a concert will automatically stream to the next (ie continuous), but I could not check because of…

…Apparently not free. Once I had clicked on one or two vid pieces, all vid timings went to 30 seconds—ie only a sample. I did not take time then to see if there’s a fee/membership, but there may be. I will go back and explore a little more.

Any results different for others than what I found?

Yeah I noticed these were predominantly extracts too, which is disappointing.
I wonder if there’s anyway I can access these in person?
Philharmonie is in my hood after all.

Just a heads up for Chris and any other Mehldau fans, his concert at la phil this monday will be livestreamed.
Someone should cap this because I have a terrible seat.

The Concertgebouworkest also has a free video service btw:

Someone please cap this if possible, since I don’t know if and when they’ll make it available on replay and I will be at the concert so can’t cap it myself.

Bad timing. I’ll be at school all day and I’ve never capped a stream with my linux laptop, so not sure if I can manage.

I have an FM broadcast of the same program from Mar 30 in Grenoble, though without encores. I’ll post that if I don’t manage to cap the Paris concert.

[Edit: I may be able to run a standalone exe of audacity on a lab computer and record it that way. ]

We’ll still have my copy at least but it’s from the 9th row in an acoustical dead spot, so not anticipating a good result.

Programme says the video will be available for a year, so no dramas.
I’ll still provide my copy as a secondary source.

I’m copying it live anyway. When it goes up, it’ll be nice to capture the video. The footage is beautiful.

Cool, I’m gonna check out the replay tomorrow.
Something strange happened to my levels; the waveform doesn’t look as loud as it sounds, so it’s harder to work out how much to boost the volume.

FYI, the stream is in wonderful sound. Perfectly recorded.

My sound is surprisingly good too.
What did you think of the performance?
Did the stream include the encores?
He mentioned he was very nervous tonight, which surprised me a little, considering how experienced he is, and how he could easily improvise out of any lapses.

The stream included the encores. I really enjoyed it. This maybe isn’t his most interesting program, but I imagine it’s quite difficult to improvise in the style of Bach so I definitely respect the playing.

It’s hard for me to imagine him being nervous, he always seems so chill.

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