Pianist Krystian Zimerman storms out of concert in protest at being filmed on phone

OLD NEWS true but nevertheless I wanted to start a debate about whether he’s just being an overly sensitive prick or whether he actually has a point and is doing a good thing by protesting…

Here’s the article -

  • He has a point and I respect his decision
  • He’s being a bitchy little cunt

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da FAKERUDY aint even complainin

da FRAME zhud juz chill :sunglasses:

I do think he has a point - audience taping is a bit of a moral grey zone and I too would be annoyed by it, especially if people happily uploaded the recs on youtube afterwards leaving me in no control of my work - but I think he’s exaggerating ad absurdum. He also needs to realise that, though maybe annoying, taping actually works in his favour. If he’d be a bit more chill about it and not stop playing in cities where he knows he’s been recorded (which is why he isn’t visiting my city, for instance) quality recordings would emerge which would propel interest in him. The way he’s laid things out what comes that route currently are recs made from 2nd balcony with $30 hardware that aren’t likely to impress anyone - plus articles like this which will just tell people that spending a night at one of this dictator’s recitals probably won’t be too fun.

haha compare diz with da :whale: “pleaze upload more it’z fun”


He said that?

Hahaha da fakerudy had dat tube vid removed tho…

Perhaps his hyper-sensitivity has cost him recording company opportunities.

The questionable quality, and likely incomplete performance captured, of the audience member’s phone would likely have little/no impact on whether he got a recording gig or not. The Szymanowski Variations wouldn’t be a big seller.

While I agree with CJ’s views (not surprisingly), KZ could have found a more legitimate reason—like it was a distraction for him…or his toenail needed trimming.

There’s levels here, for example I think flash photography and cell phones going off could distracting for the performer (pozz, the latter has happened to me, and I was so in the zone I didn’t even notice). But the record company thing is bullshit; they probably didn’t sign him because he’s a gigantic pain in the ass.

I imagine he could record whatever he wants for DGG. Not sure what he’s talking about. If this stuff bothers him that he much, he should do what Richer did at the end and darken the entire concert hall except for a light bulb above the piano.

He just can’t get used to the thought that someone has the audacity to record him without his consent, that’s what it’s about… I think he’s an extreme control freak, and an extreme perfectionist.

I actually would love pianists to do that. In order to stop people leafing through their programmes during the concert. I’m easily distracted by noise in the hall, and scared the sound is going to be picked up on my recording. However, I’m 100% sure people would just turn on their cell phone’s torch to read the damn programmes, which would probably be even more distracting.

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Anyone heard the rumour that he has the Alkan op39 etudes in his rep but won’t perform them publicly?

Scccchhh! You’re waking up Comme.

Ahh, I love it when they do that, sok style (altho he didn’t do it the last time I heard him), it makes for a way better experience.

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I do know from an interview that he played some Alkan privately.

I agree with the above that he’s a perfectionist and possibly a bit carried away by the mental spiral that happened as a result of the incident with his piano.

It’s a bit silly and stubborn of him, but I still respect and admire him as a pianist, he’s an outstanding talent.