@ Pianista

hope you get banned as soon as you get to 100 posts you prick…

you da prick, nigga

I iz da legendary trumofo


hold yo cock, nigga!

ahahaha how cummah i cant zee tha trumofo poztz in tha recz zection? :gav:

tru i wuz wunderin da zame :lib:

He Probably restricted it to Friends only, but he has no Friends so… :frowning:

well if he’d be friends with all his otehr accounts he’d have the most friends of da whole sdc :rudy:

-20.60 ziffro :dong: :dong: :dong: :dong:

hahaha, poor TM suffers multiple personality dizorder.

chronic failure syndrome it seems

hahaha diz legendary retardness…

juz tell moi trumofo befoh u get ur ass banned…

are you gonna do da Lisztcomp in Urtrech next year? :pimp: