Pianists that use the least pedal?

Pedal covers a multitude of sins and errors as we all know, and it should be used for COLOUR but not for cover!

Which pianists are brave enough to play with crisp articulation and not rely too much on pedal?

In the hall, Schiff. Apart from that Horowitz is the one that comes immediately to mind.

Josef Hofmann (" under no circumstances use it as a cloak for imperfection of execution.")
Glenn Gould in his often absurd way
Gieseking (in Mozart hardly any pedal)
This Polish mofo:

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Gieseking is one I actually associate with pedal effects though. I identified Debargue’s Fauré encore yesterday by consulting Gieseking, and he played him wonderfully too.

ABM should pozz be somewhere in here too.

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True, da Geesy was a master of pedal effects, but in classical rep. he used it scarcely.
The Debargue is wonderful, I heard that Fauré too!

Haha da c 2007 TM used almost no pedal :sunglasses:

da c 2007 TM was four years old and three apples tall and couldn’t reach it :sunglasses:

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Da 2007 year old TM liked white chicks n Latinas.


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Can you stop posting these discussions to the NEWS section? This is not news.

Thank you

Yes, perhaps let’s move the topic to SDC legends (now called “pianists”)

vintage pogo

Gieseking and Feinberg are my favourite pedalers

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Randomly da ZIFF recorded certain stuff like da Brahms Paganini with almost NO pedal FUCK

I don’t think Gieseking touched the pedal once in his entire Complete Mozart set. It really is amazing that he could play such smooth legato without the pedal.


I alwayz wundahd did he uze da pimp 2-4 2-4 fingerinz too

Yeah #metoo (lol)

Shame we don’t have any vidz!

mickey, vintage pogo, gould

Da PPP mofo!