Pianists who vanished like Amelia Earhart

This thread is for one-hit wonders who surfaced then disappeared.

I’m listening to a Supraphon LP rip released by the Prague Spring Competition of 18 year old Bulgarian Rumiana Atanasova (Roumiana Atanassova) who won First Prize in 1963. Recording isn’t special IMO given what we’re used to, but what can you say about an 18 year old playing these works except well done?


As for what happened to her: who knows? There’s an online print of her playing in 2014.

Having said that, the Smetana pieces sound beautiful.

One that I often think of is Dagmar Baloghova. Her Prok 2 with Ancerl is quite good, but I’ve never seen anything else of hers out there. Certainly there’s nothing else available on CD.

What the hell happened to Grynyuk?

I heard his NY debut c 2007, it was fast, messy and wonderful

Which one?
You don’t hear about either anymore, although I saw that sasha played in some multi-pianist sheeyat with Chochieva.

The mofoest one - da Alexei Grynyuk.
His solo Liszt CD from 2011 or so was GUD, had the Liszt Sonata, Meph n campy on there.

As for Sasha - didn’t like his playing in the slightest. Dry and careful.

I enjoyed her Prok 2 as well. No idea what happened to her.

Speaking of those who played Prok 2, Mark Zeltser, who studied with Yakov Flier, is another who kind of disappeared. He did more than one thing–with one LP linked below–but little more.


Dmitri Sgouros was huge for a while. Did he become a lawyer or something?

I never really got that, when you hear some of his recordings.
There were videos on youtube back in the day which were appalling.

Thor (Anton Salnikov)
Possibly in an existential crisis.
He has a youtube channel with random video game uploads and two months ago he uploaded a remix of some shitty electro pop song:

youtube.com/channel/UCaC5oL … =0&sort=dd

edit: the artist formerly known as Anton Salnikov now goes by the name DJ Gears

I recommend Grynyuk’s “Gould, Gulda” record, it’s pretty cool and well played


Only every time you want to see him :wink:
Well, he cancelled on me too. :cry:

Huh, da vololo? He’s still receiving rave reviews and is even on twitter

Yes but he’s only playing in western Tanzania
There’s good news though, he’s recently switched to Sokolov’s manager which I hope means we can now finally get him to Duckburg. He can’t hide forever!!

Well, he plays a lot in spain, I bet there are direct flights from Duckburg to spain if you’re desperate enough :laughing:
Let me know if he comes to Duckburg cuz then I’m coming 2.

He senses me. When I book, he cancels.
You’re always welcome to Duckburg - and if for Volodos I’ll let you order tickets!

I’d like to figure out a way to get some of these german-based pianists to play more in France, particularly Vinnitskaya and Eckardstein.

Randomly both Vinnitskaya and Eckardstein has been in my hometown (where no one really plays) the last year :slight_smile: Not solo tho

Yeah, my impression is that German pianists don’t play much in France and vice versa.
While both countries’ pianists play every year in places like Belgium and the Netherlands.
Not sure why.