Pianists you Respect more than you actually Like

Top of the list for me is dear Sviatoslav. I love some of his performances, but his style - to me - sounds very brick by brick. I respect and admire him immensely and some recordings I love, but overall - while he impresses me, he seldom moves me.

Glenn Gould is another mixed figure for me - I love a lot of what he does but a lot bores me. It’s a flip of a coin with him. But I admire him immensely and as a musical personality he may be my favourite to hear in conversation!

I’d probably say Sokolov. There are others, but he’s top of the list. I love him in some things, but overall he doesn’t do much for me.

Lots of em I’m afraid.

Ginzburg (pozz)

I also don’t like Gould, but difference is I dun rezpek him eithah :sunglasses:



…it felt like lots of em, but even list assisted I actually can’t think of any others. Several more in the Gould cat though. I suppose present day Kissin might be another, but I think he might rather be one I like more than I respect. He’s turned ugliness in to an art form, but yet I find him curiously compelling (since late 2011 or so).

Hambourg and Cherkassky also in the reverse cat. They were lovely weirdos. :blush:

Kissin and Hamelin as well

Probably da Pletnev. Except for da pedo sheeyat