Pianizztz mannerizmz

nytimes.com/2008/02/06/arts/ … ref=slogin

Well the dude is a douche, but I dont disagree with his opinion. This was a bit funny: "Responsible teachers ought to be beating these kinds of histrionics out of their students " :laughing: :laughing:

and of course the cliche gould reference

also, i would guess that young people probably think Lang Lang is pretty cool; not get scared away by his flailing like the author suggests.

tha tru way




:dong: wut?

lolz at using ruby as an example. He was the king of high hand showmanship, and said that other pianists sat like “soda jerks”. I do agree that some of the exalted countenance is ridiculous, but rather than deter people I think it’s done to épater le bourgeois , much like the pompous way pianists talk about their relationship with music in interviews. Some I believe, but many I don’t.

WTF Vol? I mean… uh… thnx 4 sharing…

Michelangelli’s mannerisms maximize manliness by moussing his mustache.

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