Piano Concertos

I am now officially in love with Piano Concertos…which are some excellent ones that you suggest me to listen to, and plz post da rec cuz i obviously have never heard it and dun have the rec…

The ones I have heard are all da rach, all da chop, Beet no. 4, and tchai 1…

I have nerver heard for example, the supposedly legendary Liszt, or da Grieg that is played by every piano student, or any mozarts ( actually i have heard only the first two movements of da no. 21, lol)…so yea, u get my point…id also love to have the Bach one that Gould plays in da art of the pimp piano…

So yea, please enlighten me in this mattah


I havent heard da schuman either, i dunno if theres more than 1…

you arent missing out on da schumann. but, you are definitely missing out on da liszt concertos and totentanz.

im uling da schumann and grieg PCs. hold yo breath. it should be done real zoon.

ill upload da zimerman’s liszt concertos and totentanz now, as this is an urgent case.

ok im holding my gf’s breast…sheeyat…i mean my breath…u fuckah, hurry, i dun wanna die here…

how bout posting da liszt and da totentanz too?

dude, whats ur AIM sn? u help me so much!!!

thanks kritty!!! how could i ever thank u for all da sheeyat???

oh sheeyat, u posted b4 me…THANKS JRE!!! u guys r great!!! now wut could i possibly post that u fuckahs dun heff so i dun look like such a damn leecher???


nothing. i haff every rec evah recoreded. bwahahaha

o’ rly?

here is da zimerman’s liszt concertos with ozawa. enjoy


awesome, thanks!!!


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can i take a pic instead??? the purpose of scanning is way too obvious…


a scan would be more pleasurable

but a pic wud do :comme:

u got it…ill try to get it in da next week or so

check ur pm. i sent u da whole album.

thanks a lot, kritty!!!