piano help

Ok so I’ve been on the hunt for a new piano for years, but have found it too be a dreadful ordeal. There’s only one piano seller in my town and the guy really makes me uneasy, I feel like he’s trying to sell me snake oil tbh!
Anyway, I just went and played on a few this morning, they have nothing but yammys and a couple of alex steinbachs.

What I’m looking for in a piano is a very responsive touch, because I feel that tonal control is the biggest weakness in my technique. My budget is about 30K max and I only want to fork out that much if I’m getting a bargain (or at least very good value for money).

the yammys that I had a reasonable play on were a new c5, an 11 year old c5 and a 4 year old c3.
The new C5 was out of my price range (and out of tune) but I was using it more as a comparison to the used one which is on consignment at 30k AUD (~ the same as USD atm). I found the action heavier than the new one though equally quick.
the 4 year old C3 had a very nice action, but the tone was uneven. I don’t know if this is just because it hadn’t been well maintained while in the showroom or that’s just how it is. the asking price is 25k.

What do you guys think of these options from the descriptions I’ve provided? are there any questions you think I should be asking (seasoning etc) ?

Overall at of all these I’m probably leaning towards the c3 even though it had the worst sound. Though it’s kinda hard to gauge since all of the pianos were out of tune to vary degrees and weren’t all that even in their tone.
I’m going to get my teacher to have a play on these this week and tell me what she thinks. The only other option available to me is to go looking in Sydney or Melbourne which means I’d have to get the piano trucked here at extra cost (300km from syd and 800km from Melb).

Supposing I find a piano that I really like, what’s the best way to get a good price on it? the rrp is a fucking joke since the list price is usually 10k lower, I’m wondering how much below that they can go.

no one can help?

I’ve decided to look outside my town since I don’t trust the guy. But probably won’t be able to go to Sydney until early feb.

It would be really helpful if someone could give me even a rough estimate of the profit margins on new yamaha (or kawaii equivalents) C3 and C5 grands?

Also what’re the best ways to test a used piano (apart from getting a tech to look at it) and what things should I look out for?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

I got a G5 (precursor to C5 - I think it was made around 1995, something like that) 6 or so years ago in excellent condition, and that was £6000 (~10k AUD), which I’ve enjoyed a huge amount but I would say that the action is considerably heavier than I would perhaps prefer (or that may be due to most of my practice when I’m away at uni being on a clavinova). The one thing I seem to remember considering was that bigger is nearly always better. I’m no expert so I’ll wait for someone to correct me, but I’d go for the larger models - you need something with power! So I’d get the 11 year old C5.
Definitely put the effort in and buy yourself one! It can only make you play better…

Yeah I like bigger pianos too, but the other consideration is the size of the room. And while I could fit either piano in, the room has 3 brick walls and would have the door closed most of the time so the bigger piano might be too loud.