Piano masterclass on Liszt B minor sonata with Alfred Brendel

almoz 3 hrz worth ov learning how

to be mo zheeyat :sunglasses: :icon_stopw_sdc_473: :pimp:


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is the brendel secretly michale cane?



He had a successful career. There must be something to him dat da SDC not perceiving.

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I like his more pastorale liszt playing. Part of his annees are nice. I also like some his schubert. He’s sort of the anti Uchida and warms up the music a bit. Everything else… dunno whats going on there.

Whoah, slow your role compadre. Don’t insult my queen.

only in schubert… I like her mozart and her debssy tudes insane

For that kind of tidy schubert I’ll take pires.

They are both my Queens. Uchida is a legend. I don’t care what you mofos think.

On a side note, this is one of my favorite scenes from da Office.


Back to the topic, her Schumann Carnaval is da best evah.

Ehh, it’s not black or white. Taste ultimately is subjective at some level. I personally find his playing dull and uninspired more times than not, and I absolutely loath the pretentiousness. Hey, some people might think he’s an incredible artist. That’s fine. There are other famous artists I can name that rub me the wrong way, but I’m sure spouting them on this forum would either be redundant or would just step on people’s toes.

I think his Haydn Zons!

He’s fine in that sort of rep, but shouldn’t go anywhere near :pimp:

Imo this is a disgrace

the section from 2.50 is especially sheeyat and displays a complete failure to understand the layout of the orchestral original, he’s the one who’s needing to attend a masterclass tbh.

Also, his sound and tonal colouring is plain crap.

Then why is he revered?

I don’t know, and tbh I don’t care. Every musical standard I hold dear (plus a lot of time with this piece) tells me that is crap playing. Maybe he’s just not temperamentally suited to this kind of material. It’s a very square, unemotional, almost crude sound world, take it to classical playing where he can get away more with it. If I was teaching I’d tell him to think in terms of curves not rigid lines.

For someone who is such a pedant about observation of the composer’s intentions, he’s fairly unobserving of the dynamic markings.

Later on his recs sounded good ,engineering wise) and he was smart to concentrate on cycles so consistent release streams over decades

Tbh when people (I mean critics) talk about “greatness” I suspect how well you play :pimp: is very low down the criteria, and even then they have odd ideas. Iirc the Gramophone recommendation for da hung rappahz is Szidon, ffs. I mean, he’s perfectly competent, but… :zif:

hahaha any ov u mofoz watchin da maztaclazz?

da firzt penizt iz wikid!

da BRENDULL actually offerin zum INZITE dat to a degree makez zenze

actually diz might rezult in a winnin combo ov da peniztz virtuozity and inztinctic interp zumwut bolztahd by da BRENz additionz ov inzight n intellectual approach

or pozz juz make it zheeyat :sunglasses:

Tru at leazt da brendull maybe a good teach (re: kit armztrong)

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I wud lyk to think it wuz da BRENDULL himzelf who zuggezted he play ALKAN :sunglasses:

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Hahaha dis seems about as plausible as da :wim: telling mofoz to play :zif: tranniez

Does anyone play well touring Japan? I can think of Keith Jarrett, and Kempff’s Beethoven cycle which was decent, if not very technically secure (and Deep Purple, of course), but then I struggle…

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