Pianopear Chopsticks Cold Unleash Opus 25/12

Zis a very modern performance: “Ocean” is polluted with a lot of dirt…(wrong notes)
But no editing and speeding up, tru. Very poor audio so xsdc, Brew better not listen…

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Damn! Diz a fuckin legendary perf, man.
Respectable accuracy too.

Alzo, da Yamaha makes damn GUD upright tru.

Iz dat a disclavier attachment dat I see underneath or a random moisture injectah? :chop:

Arigatou gozaimasu :wink:
Hai, hai, this one: uk.yamaha.com/en/products/music … index.html


Damn. My Yamaha dun haff da silent mode, I sumtimes need to switch to tabletop practice like a soviet gulag mofo

Nice work. :smiley:

Da zepp will probably rezpond wiz a wet ocean zepp Tranny


i vil juz zay

15 yrz ago

diz perf wud haff qualified yo azz into dat ELITE CLUB known az

da SDC :sunglasses:

back when it wuz a zmall zecret zociety auditionin mofoz in da chopfilez forum 8)


Tru. Alzo rezpek da perfect hand position :pimp:

n tru, i feel lyk diz iz da perfect re-entry thread fo

da fuckin COMME 8)

Da Comme harshly disappeared after his return last month 8)

Zis may b my Cumpetition cuntribation, haha…

Fooking warlord to da Zepp’s unisono fury vazion :chop:

You could also get yo wife to join DASDC btw 8)

I’ll behave I SWEAR 8)
You know da TRUMOFO can appear normal like a PRO when needed 8)
Den we will haff da first evah chick on DASDC 8)


u need a chick-filtah fo da SDC tru, zo dat any randomly sexizt dizcuzzionz o language iz auto-blocked or turned into rainbowz n unicorn emojiz :sunglasses:

And all da wud-u-hit-it chicks turn into

Muzcular dudes wiz thick dongs 8)

How about juz a new SDC sect where chicks can post? Datz da only sect they is allowed to view or post in, altho they may be sent wikid links if they behave.

Call this sect da

SDC HAREM. Where we keep our wivez in line 8)

fuckkkkkkkkkkkk 8)

da 88opera now furiouzly clearin hiz browzah hiztory 8)

hahahah ic 8)


She often asks me, “what are you doing all da time on dat site?”
Official answa:“Oh that’s where they’re sharing great recordings”…

And zat’s no lie :wink:

Dun mention da JAV discussions

JAV? Japanese artist videos, I swear!
That’s what u say 8)

Right :smiley:
Though you should read that as arsetits