Piecez wiz da hardezt/mozt ZTRETCHZ

:rocky: prel in Db?

Zum Henzelt?

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Brahms 51 exercises? :sunglasses:


Hensley supposed to be rough here but dunno which.

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Scriabin 9ths Etude lol

Shoe Tocc randomly lots of brutal stretches

Pag 4B and 6 have fast tenths obviously

Ives Concord zon

Busoni Fantasia Contrappuntistica


That scrib 9th etude is awkward as fuck


Korobeinikov told me that biggest streches he played was in Liszt Spanish Fantasy (for which Pletnev is famous). Korob is monster pianist and he has huge hands


Tru, dat entire sect in Maj 10th wiz Trill in da middle

Tru. Too beeg fo moi

Check out this (Rach 2):



Even if your hands are big enough it’s like learning a whole new technique, your brain always wants to play octaves instead of 9ths

There would be something by Franck. Bloody organists.


what’s the pt of dat etude anyway, when doez one evah need to fire off zuzzecively series of parallel 9thzzz


But i see it more as a compositional/colouristic etude.

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For the time (1912) the tonality in the Scriabin was pretty wild. The Bartok Op.18 set, composed in 1918, is also very interesting harmonically.

Also surprised nobody has mentioned the Godowsky LH etudes. Very stretchy at times

Tru but da GODz handz wuznt dat big zo dere iz not zo much 5-1 huge zimultaneouz ztretchez az dere iz juz contortionz between random otha fingaz

Ive zaid it befo, da moz uzeful ztretch to haf iznt a huge 5-1 itz a huge 5-2 :rocky:

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tiz tru

Now you reminded me. Demidenko played in Zagreb Franck-Cortot Violin Sonata and told me it’s really difficult, beacuse you have to strech your hands all the time during those 25 minutes.

Yeah fuck that. I played the original violin son with my flutist friend it was fucking hard. I can’t imagine playing both parts .

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I’ve never done it with flute and I’ll hopefully keep it dat way :dong: Unless I get da call from Pahud…

Did Cortot do all of it? I thought it was just a mov for zum reazon.

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