Pimp-Buz Ad Nos - wikid or sheeyat?

The Fantasy and Fugue on the chorale “Ad nos, ad salutarem undam”, S.259, is a piece of organ music composed by Franz Liszt in the winter of 1850 when he was in Weimar. The chorale on which the Fantasy and Fugue is based was from Act I of Giacomo Meyerbeer’s opera Le prophète.

Ferruccio Busoni prepared a piano arrangement which was published in 1897 by Breitkopf & Härtel.[3][4] Alan Walker, Liszt’s biographer, said that it “represents one of the pinnacles of twentieth-century virtuosity.”[5]Liszt at least once performed his own piano transcription, of which Walter Bache, his student, made an account in 1862. Liszt never seems to have notated such a version.

  • More sheeyat den even da Pimpson
  • I like it because the title seems profound
  • I’m not sure, I fell asleep 8 minutes in.
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Rezpek da Brahmz option

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I heard it a few times.

Verdict: sheeyat.

I’m a tremendous Liszt fan… but this… dayum. Ooof.

i liztnd to about 2’33 minz, zeemd ok but then i realizd i wuznt really payin attention zo i zkippd to tha final minutez n heard tha big ending :pimp:

tha audienc zeemd to rezpond well to a 25 min zheeyat; pozz i vil relizten latah

i think option 2 or 3 iz tha verdict fo mahzelf :gav:

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I tried to like it but nah, the source material juz too sheeyat.

Will suffer through the organ version tonight tho

Probs Booz doing his Best but Liszt would have edited a bunch from organ shite. This ok cuz loud.


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Tru, I heard that rec before too. Hmmm, no, not hearing the piano version again. Will listen to da organ snooze tonight

I love Liszt SO MUCH, but diz a bit NO NO NO

One of the few Liszt works that I’ve heard that are not to my taste. I Rezpek da sheer craftsmanship of several sections tho

I guess Da source material juz too sheeyat in diz case.

Ok, verdict: mostly sheeyat.

da zkep lyk diz piece

ven he wuz 12. alzo vote ‘moztly zheeyat’. gud ambiance but goez novere, tech iz difficult but vanilla. why da pimpzon hate tho?

da zkep vil lizten to da rubinztein concerto 4 if he wunt zumthin lyk diz:


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Dat was sarcastic :sunglasses: but we ARE on dasdc after all :sunglasses: