Pimp Ernani

Quite a rare parasheeyat.

Live rec from a while back. A few random minor alterations and impro-ed ending.


Truuuu. I worked on this mofo last year. Let moi hear this genzui!

Insanely good!!!

Daim. Dat 5th fingah slidah sect sounds complete seamless

Haha da additionz zound wikid too :buz:

Randomly, doze long azz ascending randomnezz passages in da end is hard mofos!

Mazzive rezpek!!!

Yeah, those ascending passages are really nasty, definitely the hardest section imo. I don’t really maintain tempo here. Da doc plays them at light speed, amazing. I should maybe bring dis mofo back into my rep!


TRU diz an undahrated clazzic!!!

n in fact da oct tune ztartin from 1’40 got ztuck in da zepp head fo about 3 yrz until da TRUMOFO home rec made it clear twuz from diz zong!! :sunglasses:

ahahahah randomly da FEZTIN make da clazzic 5-zlidah part zound lyk a YOP wallenztat lake zheeyat, diz mildly-ripplin lake interp ic :sunglasses:

i recall da TRUMOFO HOME REC furiouzly ardickulatin dat zect to gensui effect, but da zong itzelf bazically go ztraight downhill from dat zect tru :sunglasses:

tiz da zeppz humble opinoin dat da zong zhud end at precizely 2’54 in diz FEZTIN rec, climaxin on da ztar-zpangled tune in da left hand :sunglasses:

Haha da trumofo Ernazi rec deleted harshly, I never perfd diz mofo in public.

Daim. Randomly I like all da Verdi Liszt parasheeyatz.

Harzhly der is a rather zpicy 9th amongst da octz at about 1.46.

Ahaha da pimp demonztratez perfect command of dramatic ztructure after 2.54 by providing a caddy linking da minor key melodrama to a more mellow contrazt in da major directly aftah.

Don’t really like the piece, but well played!

I rezpek da Verdi-Pimp operadick trilogy (Dong Car, Ernazi n Rigged Lotto) fo being mo penizdickally accesible compared wiz da rezt ov da pimp tranny output like da DJ, Tanned Ho, Whorma, Hugenutz, Robert le Pimp which iz all at leazt Zlit contraband fant advanced-rape levah 8)


tru da PIMP tranny iz itz own gensui clazz

randomly i wundah y da DOC randomly dropped da DJ n Tanned Ho, n nowadayz only unleazh da Whorma moizt clazzic 8)

Hahaha well da Ho dropped da Fingaro fant, DJ, Auber-pimp tarantula n Erldong before he even turn 30 8)

One of mah fav Verdi Pimp tranz is da Simon Tabacco-negro:

Zese themez r so enzhanting and so well tranzcribed to da 88…

Da pimp Miserere is quite accessible too (the lh double note section is a bit tiresome). Rigoletto is fine if you can do the caddy in 6ths. All medium pimp level trannies, not on the same difficulty level as the ones TM quotes (I love Norma and Robert), nor as tough as the Auber Tarantelle, Puritani or Hexameron.

Yeah, that’s a good one. Da Ogdong recorded it too, I’m sure I have the disc somewhere.

Truuu da Taconiggah clazzic!!!