pimp trannies

da Wagnah gets da pimp treatment in a recent rectal.
Rienzi fant + some lurrve-death


da pimp’s mulitoctojump cadenza for Rienzi is a pain to play fast, so my own one at 5.58, easy and zpeedy :smiley:

ahahahahahah rezpec diz combo unleazh

fo zum reazon i thought da only gud pimp-wagnah wuz da TANNEDHOE, n even den only in da ZIFF interp

actually part of da firzt zheeyat had a PIMP LEGEND 2 vibe, a bit wikid 8)

I will check Diz out aftah I finish mah daily practice but before I start mah daily quasi inappropriate but strictly legal textin ov ma students 8)

Hahahahaha :pimp:

I think the Valhalla one is quite good, da tannedhoe goes on and on though. I like Rienzi though, it’s so gratuitouzly bombaztic.

Somewhere I have a complete wagnah-pimp set by da lib. Must try to find it. I got the feeling he sightread a few :smiling_imp:

Strictly 18 n up students, I must add. I’m no jyard pedo-Mason 8)

Da pimp was clevah tho. Mostly he didn’t chase younger female pupils, they chased him.

Da pimp wuz blessed wiz all around good looks, wikid non-fraud teachers, insane talent, work ethic and a perfect size dong dat chicks simply could not resist.

Da sheer creative genusi of this mofo, and wikid taste, datz a top 3 composer mofo. I wonder how his playing would compare to today’s greatest penizts (Cameldick, Trif, Kozhukhin)

Dat mofo lived da greatest life ever lived (except for becumming a Freemason)

I think da cameldick thinks he is pimp #2:wink:
Plus I wonder how :pimp: and :ziff: would have got on. Inzane oct conteztz :laughing:


tru da PIMP LYF about 50 tymz mo imprezzive den da othah compozahz 8)

i randomly read a bio dat zay da PIMP actually boned da daughtah of da PLEYEL 88 company main mofo

in da CHOPz apartment 8)

Yeah he did. Chopin came back to find this and wasn’t pleased. Da pleyel chick was a nympho, tru. And a damn good penizt. Da Normafant is dedicated to her.


Didn’t da pimp bang some of his students?
Rezpek da Title IX Policy violation

:tm seniah:

Berlioz was obsessed with her, and at one point engaged to her. Against the advice of da pimp btw. This wuz before the apartment incident… Countess d’Agoult wuz not at happy about the Norma dedication btw :laughing: :smiling_imp:

Arguably, da Berlioz was even more obsessed with da actress chick 8)

You know where I’m going with this? All actresses are… 8) :tm:
Actors 8)

Yeah. Agnes Klindworth is a fucking awesome example. She was a hot chick and good amateur pianist who was also a spy for the Hapsburgs. So she was sent to inflitrate the Weimar masterclasses and get info on Liszt’s alleged revolutionary activities.

Fairly obvious wut happened next. Btw da pimp wuz living with Princess Caroline at the time. Sum of his trusted male pupils were in on the deception as an affair developed. Some sources say they had an illegitimate child.

And there’s the Olga Janina case…

One bio says they were deffo sleeping together at one point (you know, I really have to point out that da pimp wuz about 60 and she wuz 18 or thereabouts). Anyway she was mentally unstable, probably a morphine addict, and she became obsessed with him. She played badly at a concert, had memory lapses as soloist in one of the pimpcons, and one thing led to another, and she ends up at da pimp’s villa and “demands satisfaction”… threatening da pimp at gunpoint and saying she’ll OD afterwards if she doesn’t get what she wants.

:smiling_imp: :smiley:

Sometimes smileys are good. Other times not so much. :laughing:

hehe I spotted that and edited accordingly. Most unfortunate!!

that particular incident is covered in Ken Russell’s Lisztomania, btw. I’m not sure I would like to ascribe historical accuracy to a film where Ringo Starr plays the pope in the relevant scene… or indeed in relation many of the other cg aspects of the movie.

Marie Moke was married to Camille Pleyel.
She was also Berlioz’s fiancee before leaving him for Pleyel.
Olga Janina’s story is refuted in Walker’s bio.