Please Criticize My Playing-Chopin Ballade no 4 and Debussy

Hello members of dasdc

please help me improve my playing.
All comments, criticisms, and suggestions welcome.
Thanks for listening!

The Debussy is quite beautiful.

The 4th ballade; great job, you’re obviously a good pianist, but try not to break the line at the beginning (I hear the bars too much).

After that (difficult) intro, it’s great. The bass line is continuous and the chords sound well voiced, like 3 or 4 instruments are playing.

My main criticism would be that in many places the dynamics could be more but seem to stay at one volume, such as 2:22-2:55, I guess just make it more exciting?

That being said, really great job. A fine first post at da SDC

I love the Debussy.

Backround on yourself? (teachers, schools, age, from where, etc)

thank you, Koji.

I think overall the Chopin is quite ‘safe’… especially at 2:20-3:00.
I was so caught up in trying to get a clean take-I would probably take a few more risks in public. I have a hard time in-studio. I get much more nervous when recording than performing.

I am 19 and studying with Fali Pavri at the RSAMD.

Don’t worry, a LOT of legendary pianists felt exactly the same way.

Agreed on both points, the Debussy is really nice and studio recording can go straight to HELL.

more suggestions?

How is the coda? Is it sufficiently furious? I know the very last descending passage needs to show the triplets much stronger… Any thoughts?
What about the coda of the Debussy? It’s quite difficult also-I think the RH is controlled well but does the LH have enough focus/projection?

I think I’m gonna record Islamey next week.

your name is respectable, but…

“One Chopin Ballade is worth more than 9 Beethoven symphonies” - Sultanov.

It’s the first sentence in a booklet of his Chopin’s 4 Scherzi disc.


Haha I love that,

He must have been such a pianist-elitist to all of the string players,

as we all should be :smiley:

lol I love the ballades and all Chopin but I can’t quite agree with that remark…
Still, Sultanov was such a god (RIP)… sometimes I feel as if not being awarded 1st in Chop Comp started, or at least seriously accelerated, his downward spiral. Such a fresh sound. And unbelieveable chops.

Please keep the comments coming- I am putting these two pieces away for a while to marinate now, but a few new ideas would go a long way.

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WEIZZ owns the ztamps-great that its on YT but I MUST admit I prefer GIEZ. but Weissenberg is very close.

What do you think of my playing, Rob? Please criticize.

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but I used to live in Berkeley man it’s fuckin SWEET. I’m jealous.
My playing is decent at best. I want to make it better. You guys can help me improve. There are some pretty serious pianists who post here and I’m hoping to get some advice.

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