Please, I urgently need a score

Hello! I need this score:

Maria Grinberg Arrangement for two hands of Schubert’s Fantasy for four hands D940.

If someone could make me have it, I would be very grateful
Good evening

well, hello to you too…

I have not been able to find this rarity, but I’m sure another mofo might assist on here.

Have you tried pianophilia? Usually a chance with rare scores that someone will have it there or have previously uploaded it.

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da ZEPP arrangement playz da 4 handz on LH n 10/2 on RH :sunglasses:


thank you very much, don’t worry

i will try, thank you

what? I didn’t understand


And ephebophilia.jav


There is a member named zepp who specializes in arrangements. He also has a hideout in the Canadian wilderness.


and a Chinese GF.


dat iz a bit dizrezpecful

to othah membahz of ma harem :sunglasses:


HELLO,so you are the famous da zepp hahahahahhaha. Do you have this arrangement?

Hahahah i refah u to da MART authoritative reply :sunglasses:

Please, could you write without abbreviation? I’m not a native english speaker

Kriket–do not feel badly. I am a native english speaker and, likely due to a generation gap difference, I don’t fully understand many of the comments either.

English is my native language and I often don’t make any sense when posting here. :sunglasses:

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ahahaha da gensui of da SDC iz dat

da mo gensui u iz

da lezz zenze u make :sunglasses:


I only understood one thing. I will never find this arrangement :joy: :joy:

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