Pletnev and Lang

Here is a true story from Verbier 2005. Lang played the Rach 2. The next day, both were in the cafeteria. “Mr Pletnev, how did you like my Rachmaninov?” MP: “I hated it. Stare at a picture of Rachmaninov for 20 minutes and see his aristocratic eyes, then you’ll realize how stupid you are.” Can you imagine??



who iz u n where do u get deze inzide infoz? :lib:

I am Zsolt Bognar, a piano student of Sergei Babayan at CIM, and he was a student of Pletnev, and told me this story. They were all there! Who are you? Peaz out yo.

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Student of Babayan?? haa fuck, respect dude 8)

Furthermore, Mr B told me that Pletnev can be stone-cold mean when he wants. I would have been shaking in my little spaceboots!


n i iz da zepp 8)


Nice!! Good to meet ya.

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What a badass.

Who are you, good friend? I’m Zsolt Bognar and I’m a piano student in Cleveland. Nice to meet you. Respekk all da way.

Nice to meet you, Zsolt. I’m Paul, and I study law at Oxford. Formerly, I studied at the Manhattan School of Music under Nina Svetlanova. Rezpek 8)

haha no way…HAHA HILARIOUS

either there are some tru-mofoz on this site or some major liars :lib:

Zsolt is legit.


hahaha I read diz ztory told by a random critic
tho I dun think he zaid “you’ll realize how stupid you are”
dat iz a bit ruthlezz
mo lyk “you’ll realize how u zhud play it”

oh wow! ok, respekk!

As for Babayan, I have studied with him for seven years now! He is quite a person and musician.

most of da SDC membahz iz self-taught & self-instructed.


Holy cow!! Hatz off to dat! :chop:

Da sarcasm.