Pletnev learns new rep

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Love it!

Thank god for the cut intro. Now the piece is semi listenable.

I’m hoping for a STRAUSS GODO Tranny up next!

He sure can play the piano a little bit

How do you guys take this mofo seriously after the Pattaya case against him was “dropped?” As much as I idolized him before, I can’t reconcile listening to him with knowing about his pedophilia.

I don’t know man, you’re more sensitive than I am.

That may be the case. i’m just not so sure sensitivity is at heart of this matter.

I just can’t listen to a pianist if I know they have, in all likelihood, committed such an egregious violation of human dignity.

Maybe Oscar Wilde was right, “all bad art is the result of good (sincere) intentions.”

Oscar Wilde liked young boys a lot, too :wink:

Sigh. Well how can people listen to Wagner? If there really is something to these rumors, then at least he also does this to bring something good to the world.

I don’t mean to go there, but I also think it’s worth thinking another round about what being a pedo is. These are people who fall in the same drawer as gays in that they’ve been born with a messed up sexuality - gays towards their own sex, pedos towards children. Sorry for not being politically correct but in both cases it IS a fault in their biology - and they can’t help it. With gays it’s no problem since they’ll simply be dating other gays, while it is a very real problem with pedos. But you have to understand that these people have every bit of the same sex drive towards their targets as you and I have towards women. Would you be able to live a life without even once venting your sexual desires? Well, these people are forced to. I don’t mean to defend those among them who do abuse children because what they should do and what they have to do is live a life in celibacy, but you also can’t just lock them up in a shack and burn it down. They’re not necessarily bad people at all, but they’re born with a severe disease.

I guess I make a personal choice not to listen to musicians of questionable morality. Music is a sacred part of my life, it’s one of the few realms of solace from life’s problems. For a musician, it’s just a job.

Regardless of your biological predisposition, it’s not a justification for child abuse. It’s regrettable that he has this dilemma to deal with in his life and while he maybe a good chap in all other respects, rape is rape. I don’t have any sympathy for Pletnev.

If others are able to separate the musician from the man, hats off gentleman. I don’t have this talent.

So did Cherkassky, apparently.

Whatever, there is a small chance that the scandal was actually blown open because Pletnev fucked with the wrong Russian mofo - like Spivakov.
I’m not saying that plate is innocent, shit, he’s been caught with boys in Russia way bank too.

I’m just curious who he fucked with that this scandal got out.

As for the playing, perhaps his prime was the Carnegie debut solo recital which I attended. Don’t remember nothing. The recording of that is pretty dope!

Yeah, and it’s not an easy crime to overlook either. I don’t sympathize with them, but I think I do understand them and what drives them to these acts - which I don’t with people who murders kids, kidnaps them, brainwashes them, abuses them etc which also happens out there in the world. If Pletnev has done something like this, it’s not because he was bored on a Friday night - and I also don’t think it’s because he’s of such low moral quality that he thinks this is somehow ok.

But really, for me it just doesn’t matter. I listen to him because he plays Scarlatti like no one else. Not because I somehow identify with or approve of him as a person. Indeed, I don’t know anything about the guy. Tausig put a cat in an oven and watched as the poor creature slowly burned to death. He also wrote three superb Strauss paraphrases. That’s people for you.

Yeah, in time his personal history will be forgotten, but the art will remain.


They did not have sexy alluring trannies back then.

I’m afraid then you miss the best part, mate… :ho: :pimp: :brotha:
Check out the story of Beethoven and his nephew Karl…
Composers very often had a questionable morality. Their deeds were often as bad or even worse than the musicians who perform them.

Hence it’s better not to know any of these things.

Except for Liszt, he was a tru mofo all the way.

Although he does the Freemason hand in pocket pose, because he actually was a Freemason since the 1840’s. Although, presumably not just to bang trannies.

Ugh, I guess I need to stop with this heroic characterizations, subconscious though they be, of composers. They were all simply extraordinarily gifted at a communicative art form.

I think the association between a composer and his music is made because music is such a personal art form, it communicates directly to the heart. One can’t help but make unconscious associations. Then history comes in to quickly demystify any such connections.