Pletnev--Upcoming broadcast

For Pletnev fans, will be broadcast of his 22 August recital given as part of the “Chopin and his Europe Festival” in Warsaw.

Program is all Rach, including first PS.

Broadcast details:

Dwojka Radio
Sunday, 28 January
1700 GMT

Thank you. Do you think this will be a video?

I don’t know, but since it’s on Polish radio rather than Medici, Arte, etc. this broadcast will likely only be audio.

Maybe some of our Polish colleagues will know if concerts/recitals at that festival were videod.

hope anyone can record this and share - either video or audio

All Rach program for Chopin and his Europe? Exactly how does any of the relate?

Is this the same program he’s been playing?

Pletnev does what he wants. Yes the same one.

Pletnev is changing his recital program during the spring to one with with all Liszt in the second half (and all :brotha: in the first). He’s admittedly not a great Lisztian IMO, but I’m really looking forward to see what he’ll play. Anything but the sonata and I’m excited.

I’m randomly away during this broadcast, so it’s up to you guys.

Do you know when in Spring?
I’m seeing him at the end of May, and for right now it’s the all Rachmaninoff programme.
Personally, I’d rather hear the new one since I’ve already heard a recording of the Rachmaninoff.

The concert where I saw it was Milan on May 7: … ent_id1=88

We’ll see I guess if he keeps both running simultaneously or if he changes Paris.

Could be!
They’ve got a reasonable season, including some pianists who don’t performance much here or aren’t this season (ZC).
Wonder if she’ll switch out the clochette in that concert too.
I have to admit it hurts to see they only have to pay 20€ to see artists I’ve paid 85€ for.
The concert promoters here must think we’re all a bunch of suckers.

Milan is awesome. This is just one of THREE major presenters who organize concerts at the Verdi Conservatory, and at least historically they’ve also been run by pianophiles themselves who not only see to that they get interesting names there, but also encourage obscure and rarely played repertoire whenever someone has something like that in their fingers. That’s why concerts from Milan sometimes have a slightly different program than in other cities - and always in a good way for anyone who’s a piano nut.

I don’t get why it is such a difference either? Perhaps some venues get… hm, can’t find the English word but a financial contribution from the state to help bring prices down, or maybe interest is just so large in some cities that the market has driven the prices there. In which case someone is making a lot of money because I doubt the musicians’ salaries differ from city to city. At least not by a factor of four for similarly sized halls.

Spoilt Milaneses, they have La Scala as well, and good fashion.
Some of the halls here are subsidised, especially l’Opéra de Paris which is still easily the most expensive (okay I guess someone has to pay for those revolting productions).
I think after this season I’ll join the boycott of La Seine Musicale, unless they get a Volodos level artist.

my recording cut out for 30 seconds in the finale of the sonata.

I wonder which Liszt…

I wish he does some late stuff which Leslie the Bland butchered on his CDs