Pogorelich - Islamey VIDEO - 1992, Carnegie Hall


lmfao at the 5 thumbs down

I totally get why some people didn’t even like him back then. Even parts of this sound weirdly unmusical IMO. Awesome to see it though.

some dude in the comments begging her to delete it. Sod that guy. I’ll upload this if she deigns to listen to that dude

Yeah, 5 thumbs down? Wtf.

Pre-emptive euphoria at 2:11… Though I can understand why that would seem like the end of the piece.

a bunch of collector weirdos freaking out over a rare vid being made public. Frankly I always have this latent fear that it’ll be Ivo who sinks my YT channel with strikes, but what the hell, this would be great to upload if she deletes it.

Gazda Mitke has uploaded it to his channel, so it’ll stay online now.

I may even prefer this version to the 1990 Carnegie Hall version. Just to see the insanity of what he’s capable of at the keyboard is a marvel to observe.

Which part was unmusical to your ears?

Is this Gazda character a Pogo groupie? He seems to follow him everywhere.

I can’t pinpoint the moments but there are quite a few for me – and this is something I didn’t feel 10 years ago. Self-development? :slight_smile:

Just figured out how I can satisfy my desire to share this – upload it as a 24 hour Mystery Pianist quiz :slight_smile: Not 100% clear who it is for a moment :slight_smile:

Yeah Gazda is Ivo’s big groupie dude. He uploaded just a 240p version of the video though.

omfg why did people applaud a quarter of the way into the piece? Like, are the people who go to a Pogorelich concert really SO IGNORANT???

It’s just a phase, Tony. You’ll recover and realize the mind-altering revelatory nature of everything Pogo does at da 88. :slight_smile:

Maybe it is self-development. Maybe with age you want less of the performer intruding in on the music.

Glenn Gould once said that there are two kinds of musicians: there are those that want to make their relationship with instrument front and center and there are those that want to bypass the whole idea of performance and try to act as conduit between the listener and the composer.

I still think most of Pogo’s recordings are simply one of a kind marvels.

jesus, really good couple of seasons there with one of the all-time great pimp foo filets and deep rape wild hunt kicking around too

Holy shit.

No idea a Vid existed!

One of my fave pogo recs!

Now THAT’s the Pogo that impressed me so much when I was a teenager.

I would give this a thumbs down… I don’t like Islamey one bit. Though I may be alone in that view.

I didn’t like it until I learnt it (never performed in public tho)

Compositionally it is very well done, surprisingly meticulous, interesting harmonization of the modal theme.
Nice rhythmical nuances too…

Lacks a bit of textural inventiveness at times.
I enjoy the Lyapunov orchestration.

I really like the piece. Tru

I’m not a fan of the piece either, and didn’t wanna go through the pain of learning it.

da izlamey a bit zheeyat :comme:

Not furry enough? 8)