poll: liszt b minor sonata vs schubert wanderer

which penis

  • liszt
  • schubert

0 voters


hahahahahaha, both r wikid

imo deze r overrated, da thematic material in both of dem aint completely mah fave sheeyat - and ofcoz da most remerkable sheeyat about dis sheeyat iz da structural form sheeyat

but anyway…liszt 8)

Liszt. Schubert izn’t as wikid.

hahahaha, datz rite

The Liszt is only one movement and is 30 minutes long.
I give my vote to the Liszt for his comedic genius. 8)
Plus, Liszt was hot. Schubert had trouble finding a chick.

da bert had a swollen cock from a STD

in hiz final yearz no chick cud handle hiz girth


da biographah


hahaha datz rite

I love both, but if I were forced to choose, I’d say Wanderer. :slight_smile:

hahahaha, datz undastandable

da other way around




actually from what i here schubert wuz as gay as handel 8)

i av ney time 4 mediocha sumliminal pieces there4 liszt wins.

hahahaha that pozt wuz too black for even mahbadself to undastand. an i iz japanese. :open_mouth:

hahahahhaha, da japz eye

da Schubert’s penis is infested with STDs

but i still picked da Wanderer.

da wnderahfdsa

da key rippa is sayin da wanderer is sheeyat…respec!!!

hahahahah da PIMP SON ownz da sherb.

da PAVEMENT PIMP SON vid iz da mozt watched vid on ma comp 8)