Pollini passes away


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Oh wow. RIP.

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This sucks. In my mind I still think of Pollini as middle-aged.

Same… the one that throws me for a loop is kissin looking older.

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Yup. Kissin looks like he aged a lot these past 10 years. This happens to coincide with him getting married.


don’t get married, folks


I was supposed to go hear pollini circa 2012 but he cancelled and I was treated to the greatest rectal I’ve ever heard in person - Ohlsson in an all Liszt program plus

that AD NOS is one of the Liszt pieces I was not very much into… maybe da organ original makes more sense

hahaha TRU thiz wuz tha exact vid i wud haff moztd for a tribut to tha legend :whale:
i alwayz thought it wuz a mart cap not whoevah thiz judy perry iz :lib:

neway RIP to tha LEGEND :pimp: :pimp:


Sound quality is a bit sheeyat.

Fantasia op49
Nocturnes op 62
Polonaise Fantasie
Scherzo No.1

Nuages gris 42:52
Unstern! 44:52
La lugubre gondola No.1 50:00
R.W. – Venezia 53:28
Sonata in B minor 57:00

Liszt: Etude No10 1:22:15
Chopin: Etude op10/12 1:27:19
Chopin: Berceuse 1:31:15

London live 2012

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