Portishead - Third (lossless and ogg)

[my first upload on da new server; respect to chris :slight_smile: ]

Released tomorrow. 8) Grabbed it early from da demonoid, complete with artwork and all. I recommend da lossless; these guys have such a deep and dark sound that it sounds brilliant on a good pair of headphones. (tru, anima, a good test drive for yur new senns :wink: )

lossless + artwork: lesdjinns.com/dasdc/TS/Portishead - Third.rar

ogg 192: lesdjinns.com/dasdc/TS/Portishead - Third (ogg 192).rar

These guys are legends btw (especially in europe). First new album in like 10 years, and its just as good as the others. Trip hop at its best.

hahahaha fuckk respec!