post ur youtube vidz mah account wit two compositionz, sum playin n a vid of mah nu haircut 8)

where’s the classical :chop:

classical iz kinda… gay 8)

and writing nocturnes isn’t? :unamused:


that exchange was made of win and funny

Empty and Soulless :zhreddah:

sheeyatest composition i’ve ever ever heard.

just utter fucking absolutely sheeyat.


listen to alot of scriabin, do you?

tiz tru :frowning: infact i iz listenin rite now

the scriabin-like nocturne wuz beautifull:cries:

daim <3 thankz


it sayz so in mah utube profile also 8) but ey

da piece iz a mix between sorabji n scriabin pozzibly

sounds mostly scriabin to me, but i’m not a sorabji buff. i do however work in a library and his scores can go fuck themselves…


:g: :brotha: :brotha:

hahahaha sheeeyat a bit harsh 8)

too bad bout the sideburns. a bit ftw vid

my username’s eribani, i don’t got a lot on there that’s worth it tho