praxin wiz glovez on

praxin wiz glovez

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da :ziff: himzelf tellz in hiz book dat he uzed diz tactic for raw tech buildin so dat when he removez da glovez it feelz eazier n can reach supahmofo level
did u try diz sheeyat?

David Helfgott will agree w/ diz thread.

hahahaha, tiz lyk zprintahz hu run in da zwimmin poolz


i thought tiz da wrist band.

Pozzibly weight-band too, as he was a boxer.

One of these days I will strap weights onto my arms to get massive chord-drops.

what a stupid idea !

haha no da wrizt bandz, he kept dem even in concertz
in da canonz in flowah when he wuz ztill in da army in hungaria he had to rebuild hiz tech in one week fo a concert
he tellz dat he praxed all day wiz glovez on hoping dat when he wud remove dem one week latah he wud be a tru maztah again
:ziff: :ziff: :ziff:

heh nice, love dem ziff stories…

in winter i prax with fingerless gloves, cuz our prax room is this thing with no isolation, it’s as cold there as it is outside, only without wind :dong:

in summer it’s so hot there i prax naked :dong:


i think dis iz gensui

now i know why mah tech iz not supahmofo level…i been practicing wif mittens :dong: :dong:

haha naw da gould would have his winter coat and scarf on as well

…in da summer :unamused:

da medieval way to go.