preview ov da jeff-erosity part deux

nuff’ zaid :ziff:

oh FUUCKKK!!! :ziff: :ziff: :ziff: :ziff:


daim, fucking EAC extract doesn’t have the disc info
i needa input da fucking trackz one by one

azk a chineze boy to do da job :dong:

i cant wait for thiz

jeff u are a legend

still naming these fucking tracks one by one, up to CD8 now, mofoz hangz on, hopefully tiz be up in a week

Two thumbs up for the amazing effort!

Keep checking EAC, though. When I did the Gould 80CD rip, I had to punch some in, but other volumes were on FreeDB.

Good luck and respect!

haha fuck, da commitment of da jeff. rezpec 8)

finizhed namin dem, ULin now

I almost bought diz once, tiz dirt cheap but harzhly all re-runz (and I haz mozt of deze sheeyatz already). But tru rezpec yo girth!

haf changed da zecurity ov da thread to truzted mofoz only

plz pozt here if u want to voice ur opinion about tiz izzue