Prime RECTUM o Prime HO

Tru diz 88zt zhheyat even infected moi :doc:

Zo who win diz heavyweight champ matchup?

:rectum: vz :ho:


Alzo zumone add a poll plz

Prime Richter was a force of nature. Prime Horowitz was supernatural.


Haha rezpec gud start!!

:rectum: wins at da 88
:ho: wins in da :ghey: nitezpot.

Az simple az

:rectum: : top
:ho: : bottom

We need da zkep to confirm but I’m 99% zure of diz :sunglasses:


Prime Ho as in

Da 11 rectal prog marathon of 1924-1925 wiz ovah 200 different songs plus Rach 3, T1 n Pimp 1

No recorded evidence of dat ganzui GANGRAPE.

So I will vote fo :rectum:


dats da problem…lack of quality HO recz from his prime… and arguably Richter’s prime lasted much longer, so we have a plethora of live recs


I judge da quality ov an artizt by how much an audience COUGHz in deir prezence.

HO live recz u can hear a zmall amount ov coughin.

But in RECTUM live recz half da audience zound lyk dey iz about to hop in a :coffin:


cuz itz fuckin cold in Ruzzia hahaha

Are we talking tech or overall gensui?
Tech, probably da :ho: (pretty perfect sounding pianist in his youth), but overall :rectum:.

There’s some depth to publius’ post - Richter’s best work is as good as I can imagine anyone playing the music, Horowitz’s best is beyond what I could have imagined. I’m less sure today but for a long time I thought he existed on a solitary plane as it were, doing art a notch above anyone else on record.

But that was then and now is now. I’ve always felt more at home with Richter’s personality, and while I still listen to him regularly today a visit to Horowitz’s legacy is comparatively rare - which speaks its clear language. For personal preference my pick is Richter, for an attempt at some sort of objective assessment of their gensui maybe Horowitz.


Ok, I need to hear this beyond imagination Ho, I seem to be missing a piece.

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Haha u lizten to da RECTUM to hear da muzik

U lizten to da HO to hear…da HO :sunglasses:


whats dat Gould quote “there are two types of musicians…blablabla” hahahah

Da CG dat da G not only ovahdub hiz recz…he alzo ovah dub hiz own intahviewz :gman:

REZPEC diz cuntziztency :sunglasses:

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hahahaha tiz bazically intahchangabl but i wud mahzelf proabbly refer to tha HO az a force of natur n tha RECTUM az zupahnatural :doc:

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Sum mofos argue dat da Ho prime was da 60’s

I still think dat mofo was likely in his INZANE peak by age 20

Dat being said:

The fees per recital for Horowitz have grown in this manner: 1920 $10; 1924 $100: 1928 $500: 1929 $1000

:ho: writes:

Between October 15, 1924 , and January 18, 1925, I played those twenty concerts . Altogether there were forty-four big works and sixty-six small works on the programs .



There are two types of arguments; overly reductive and valid. Hehe