Primus covering Master of Puppets



letz see diz. randomly a great song.

ahaha wtf, diz iz juz da intro :comme:

My friend has them playing the whole thing on tape–it’s hilarious (and pretty amazing that they outplay Metallica with only a trio, heh).


datz a big call koji. actually I thought it didn’t sound as good. Don’t know how they’d manage all the harmonised guitar parts.

As much as I like and admire Metallica, Primus is on another level of technique and musicianship, imo.


ic, i’ve never really listened to primus and used to play metallica stuff all the time, so i guess i’m biased. but if you already haven’t seen it, you should check out their live version of MoP from 1989. the trash metal. its just beautiful.

I prefer the 1986 versions I’ve heard actually (with Cliff Burton on bass).


haha wtf

hahahahha primuz zuckz :gav:

ahah theze mofoz iz juz inzane zupahvirtz :doc:

hahahahha metallica zuckz :gav:

ahah theze mofoz iz juz…

sheeyat 8) :doc:

u fuckah 8)

da zhort hair metallica verzion

:brotha: " ghey"
:rock: “(sad but) tru”


:doc: “haahaha mah zeek n deztroy tech”


hahaha da metallica juz da bez zellin metal band of all tym, n ritely zo

n da primuz alzo legendary, dey iz gud friendz wiz da tallica