program suggestion

suggestions for what to program with the wanderer fantasie and chopin b minor sonata?

Randomly You meant to say Pimp b Minor instead? :smiley:

If not, then how about Bach partita no. 1 too?

hahaha tha no. 6 iz mo tru :zhreddah:

i wud recommend eitha a zart zon

or a modern zheeyat if i zheeyat correctly tha zteinwaymof wuz conzidrein tha VIN 3 zheeyatz from ruzzian petah tru? open wiz that then wanderer than chop



Wanderer Fantasy


A Brodah Son


Short scriabin piece




Brahms Ballade 1


Pimp Etude


Chop Sonata



Encore: Cumshot facial on da audienze

Criminal Arrsest



zum KAN

dat vil be all

how about some little pieces , mendelssohn or some chop mazurkas , or maybe some rach and chop etudes , brahms 117 intermezzi , or some great stuff from the years of pilgramage , or the second legend of st francois walking on the waves whatever its spelled like

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hahahaa da W pozz tha kritty’z TRU bankah

Yeah I was thinking that a Haydn or Mozart sonata would be good, but I’m not going to do Mozart. I would also like to play some short pieces though. I don’t really want to do more chopin or schubert than the two biggies. I have to play le tombeau de couperin soon so that will be there, if it fits. I don’t really want to play it though. I also have 101 right now so I could do that after wanderer. the other suite option is bratok out of doors.

“tha VIN 3 zheeyatz from ruzzian petah”

Mah ignorance is applicable- what the hell does that mean

hahahhaa i wuz wondering da same zheeyat

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tiz Petrouchka tru :gav:

followd by tha wanderer n chop wud make fo a girthy recital :g:

I was thinking aobut that. I wish I could do it but I don’t have that much time

Chopin b minor