Programme from Hell

If you were in hell, what programme would the devil inflict upon you? For me the obvious answer would be last 3 Schubert sonatas, but that’s too easy so I’ve gone with:

Beethoven - Tempest Sonata
Schubert - D960
Prokofiev 7th
Rachmaninoff preludes (selection of my least favourite)

You can choose your torturer if you like, but the emphasis should be on the rep rather than the pianist.


All Brahms.

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Yeah, I couldn’t fit him in the programme, but if they toured hell with two recitals, op 118 or 119 would be in there.

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Schumann and Mozart.

Litolff Scherzo, 24/7

Haha =)

Bach-Brahms Chaconne
Schubert G major D894

Ginastera Sonata 1
Adams China Gates
Janacek In the Mists
Liebermann Gargoyles


Five naked Chinese mofoettes :smiley:

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I particularly like from 23:20.

Thinking about this there are few pieces in the standard repertoire I really dislike actually - it’s more about fear of being bored, in which case the pianist plays a big role too. Among realistic programs however, for solo piano, with more or less standard rep, and generally speaking, either of these would be hard to sit through:

Schubert: D.894

Schubert: D.960

Hamelin Paganini Vars

Mozart: K.282
Mozart: K.283
Mozart: K.284

Mozart: K.545
Mozart: K.576

Mozart: K.279

Tchaikovsky: Op.39 (album)

Tchaikovsky: Op.72

Chopin 28#4

Hindemith: Ludus Tonalis

Shostakovich: Op.34

Stockhausen anything

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Brendan performed that mofo back in the day iirc.

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For some reason, Mozart isn’t programmed that often (at least here). I think I’ve heard K333 a couple of times and that’s more or less it.

I don’t mind one sonata, but whole programs… Hamelin did essentially that program at Carnegie a few years ago incidentally. I think that might have been the lowest point of his career!

Just wait for him to announce the last 3 Schubert as his next programme…

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Can’t live with this hypothesis, for the simple reason that even pieces like Beethoven’s Für Elise or Liszt’s Liebestraum or Chopin’s Raindrop etc. can sound like a revelation again in the hands of a really great artist.

I think the opposite is a much more common occurrence.

Beethoven op 2 no 2
Op 22
Op 54.

I’m with you on 2#2! But I find Op.54 surprising… Not 27#1 for instance? 49?

Unfortunately yes, but that’s not because the pieces are bad music.
If I were in hell, you could torture me much more severely with heavy metal, house, rap than with a boring performance of a classical work. :wink: :confounded:

I did consider 27/1.

Considering my tastes, quite unexpectedly 49/2 happens to be in my ‘private’ rep!

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