Just an awesome piece in every way… total domination of the keyboard.

  1. Have you any of you played or attempted to play it?

  2. What recs would you recommend?

  3. Is it really as hard as people make it out to be?

  1. I sure as hell haven’t

  2. Eckardstein, Bolet, Gutierrez, Beroff, Browning. AVOID Toradze.

  3. yes

tiz ok

just TRY reading through it, EVERY single chord is weird, seriously. And it sounds like total crap when you play it anything below average speed.

I’ve read most of the cadenza of the first mov and some of the last 2 movs, just for fun. it really is that hard.

It’s amazing/badass.

My fav rec is Browning.

thiz holdz tru fo mahzelf alzo 8)

2 .tha bezt recz iz BULLET n BEAN :stop:

  1. i’d think whut zheeyatz mozt pianiztz iz not zo much learnin tha million notez but tha way, lyk tha rocky 3, u iz CONZTANTLY doin millioinz of notez through tha entire zheeyat wit few breakz :chop:

tru tha 2 tiz mah fav conc i want to do it one day. but firzt i need to learn how to play loud :chop:

exactly, it’s just hard all the way through, and just SO MANY FUCKING NOTES. it’s definitely playable, but you need to have a lot of reading-experience and patience not to become completely sick and tired of just reading it through.

  1. No
  2. Vinnitskaya, Ashkenazy, Bolet
  3. Hell yeah