Prok Concerto 3 - which score to buy?

Yo mofoz, in need of azziztance. Im going to learn some parts of this concerto, just for the challenge, not performing with anyone. There are 2 options I see for the sheet music, both from Boosey and Hawkes, one is the full orchestral study score, the other is the version for 2 pianos, 4 hands. Which makes better sense to buy?
Im wondering if the orchestral version might also have the piano solo part separate as well so you arent flipping the page every 3 seconds while learning? I also don’t know if the 2 pianos version makes any changes to the piano solo part? (cause I wouldnt want that). First time learning a concerto so I am unfamiliar with this stuff. Thanks!


2 piano 4 hands so you can quickly grasp the essentials, full score is overkill unless you are going to transcribe that whole bitch for 1 piano and drown in pussy.


tru i haff tha green prickface boozehawk partittah n tiz of gud quality, pozz way too ovahpricd az moz bozzhawk zheeyat iz, iizc corectly tha partitur vil ztay open on whutevah pag without haffing to bend or break anyzheeyatz :doc:


Get the one with the piano reduction (ie 2nd piano). Conductor’s scores don’t come with a separate part for the solo instrument. The solo part is set as 2 staves usually immersed among the lines of the other instruments…seldom at the top or bottom. Depending on the tempo and instrumentation of each section, you could otherwise be looking at maybe having as few as 6-8 bars per page…which is a lot of page-turning that you mention you want to avoid. Unless you’re into also analyzing the orchestral voicings, you’ll be happier with the 2 piano reduction.


thank you homiez!

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Get one you won’t feel sorry for destroying after thwacking it against the piano in FURY.