prok sheets

These seem to be hard to find, where do you guys get prokofiev sheets? I’m particularly after the 7th, 8th sonatas and the Romeo and Juliet suite. The best I could find was this sheeyat scan where it was 2 sheets per page; not very practical.

Yeah, i had the same sheets on my comp, so i just bought most of the prok standard works from sheetmusicplus. Sonatas, RJ Suite, Minor works and concertos.

ic, I just wanna follow along with the recordings, not up to playing them yet (well maybe R&J). Might buy 'em one day.

The dover editions are pretty inexpensive, as I recall.

try these out:


romeo and juliet:

Does it still exist? They use to have the complete sonatas, but all I can find now is the 1st volume.

thanks jre these look great :gav:

What you want to do is go to and look at their index.

except it’s down, and even before that they’d removed prokofiev.