Prokofiev 2nd Cadenza

rezpec yo ambition CHERB :rudy:


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :comme: :comme:

hahahahh da reply :comme:

tis a bit hard.

I agree. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

this is a bit insane.

diz iz pozzibly one of mah favorite passages in da concerto rapertoire.

I’ve took a shot at this cadenza but my piano comes a couple of notes short 8)
rezpec for this heh

you have a vintage steinway?

nice playing… Have you finished tiz cadenza??? If so, i’s want to hear it… bye!

BTW, iz anybody able to play tiz ???

I just recorded the first movement of this piece last night. Anyone want to hear?

dayum tru

if you got da chops to play dis it demands sum respec
I just played this last night. There are obvious errors, but I did put quite a bit of work into the cadenza. I pretty much learned this in the better part of this month, so maybe in another month I can post a better recording, especially if I play it with an orchestra. Anyway, enjoy.

Or this: