PS can't handle the speed, heh. … w.html#new



haha, now diz will sound very anti sdc of me, but I also think itz a little fast. Maybe I’m just used da ABM’s performances, but I like it a bit slowah.

Our times (I have a bootleg ABM that’s faster than the Art of Piano Performance) are almost identical though, 2 minutes 30 seconds.


That’s interesting, I have a live ABM which clocks in at 2’55".

Oh well, truth be told, the piece pretty much works well at any speed–I’ve heard it played quite slowly and it still was good.


unlikly 8)

twuz a legendary perf 8)

get gilels 8)

get lozt :whale: :stop:

we all know gilels is the only tempo u could ever try

Da mich would be proud :lib:

Zpeed defines da winnah


in dis caze, u iz da winnah

:stop: zmooth


da faith 8)

Respec for da recording!

Wut I did not like that much is da pedaling of da high notes which are played with da left hand. At da end of da piece da accuracy decreases a bit.

But still: Very impressive and mucho better than how I play it…

I really liked it. That kind of touch is incredibly hard to pull off.

Have you ever tried your hands at Art of Fugue, Koji? (esp 4,9)


wut a cock 8)