This looks interesting:
sakuraphon.net/news/5adf198 … 54f80005d8

Of those pupils I only know Paderewski.
I don’t think I’ve even seen the others mentioned before.

Goodson and Nierek feel vaguely familiar… but no more or less same here.

By the way Erwin, I had a major discovery in your channel last night - Moura Lympany. I only know her from her late recordings otherwise, which I’ve found to be of moderate interest, but the Poulenc Novelette you uploaded had me on the hook immediately, and very nearly everything I sampled with her from there on recorded around the same time was just top notch.

Glad you discovered her - one of Britain’s finest pianists indeed! And one of few historic LADIES who could play Rachmaninoff very convincingly…

That’s what I’m hoping to find out tonight! I found three CDs with her on diabolus in musica which are downloading at home as I write (or were this morning I guess), including her Rach Preludes. I’ll check them out soonish.

This will have the Chopin Waltz op 69 alt take, poss in volume 3?

just ordered da vol 3 with Friedman.
estimated delivery: May 20-May 28.


$24.50 including shipping.

small price to pay fo anotha take of da Chop Waltz. :tm:

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Feb 9, 1928

Chopin Berceuse
Waltz in A-flat (unpublished)
Mazurka op 7/1
Nocturne op 9/2* (lost)
Friedman Barcarolle* (lost)
Gluck-Brahms Gavotte
Mittler Little Nana’s music box